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auto posting - is it ok?

There are plenty of tools to help make life easier by scheduling posts, but that may not be best for your social or web presence

the criteria

  • Use BREAKING NEWS alerts as a model

  • Have breaking news alerts auto-populate to select social media channels

  • Must be headline driven and very short

  • Must lead to web


  • Auto-posting breaking news on the page hurt our social presence and .com possibilities

  • All breaking news posts pulled the same image, which felt formulaic. 

  • Posting all breaking news actually hurt our digital presence because if there were any back to back posts within 10 minutes of each other, there were instances of no clicks and no comments, indicating these never were dispersed into feeds

  • Account  now only auto-posts to Twitter, since the platform is meant to handle this tactic better

  • No more auto-posting on FB or Instagram

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