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train users to watch video on web from fb

created posting tactic that has increased video traffic to website by almost 400% since implementation 

the criteria

  • Use FB to encourage consumption of video content to website

  • The strategy must honor social behaviors and link to website

  • must increase current goal of 4k referral views per day by at least 50% to make change to current sop's

  • 4-week A/B testing with select group of content creators

  • Hone in on a special posting treatment that will inspire click thru's

  • Must be a "link" post


  • Video view referrals from FB went from an avg. of less than 4k a day to an avg. of 20,000 per day!

  • FB video view referral traffic before the study was responsible for 3% of video referrals. After the study, FB video referral traffic is now responsible for 20%+ of total video referrals to website

  • This video treatment is now being used natively on the website and on tv to showcase video

  • Because of this treatment, this type of post is done once an hour and is part of the standard SOP


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