youtube success

the criteria

  • Organize channel visually

  • Create specialized playlists

  • Use metrics to decide the placement of content on all digital platforms

  • Use end cards and end screens to point to more content.

  • Placing brand content in the description and optimize for SEO

  • Grow account by 30%


  • Created thumbnail presence 

  • Over 100 playlists 

  • Use metrics on daily, weekly, monthly strategy to drive views

  • 28% of overall video views came from end cards and end screens

  • Google search traffic is #1 referral for YouTube views

  • Account grew from 20K subscribers to 70K - Grew channel by 250%

September 2019 - July 2020

I was asked to speak to TEGNA employees on my success of using SEO strategy for the KGW YouTube page.